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Inbox-style dashboard

With zumida you can collaborate on mindmaps with other users. To ease collaboration, we provide an inbox-style overview over your active mindmaps. For each mindmap you see the number of contents including the number of unseen contents, the number of cross-relations to other mindmaps, the name of the mindmap, and the users you share the mindmap with. You also can share / unshare and delete your mindmaps.

Cross-mindmap relations

One of the coolest features of zumida are cross-relations within and between mindmaps. Mindmaps themselves are structured hierarchically starting at some root node (e.g. goals) and leading over branch nodes (e.g. private life or business life) to the leave nodes (e.g. being happy or being successful). Cross-mindmap relations allow you to leave this hierarchical structure. You can link literally anything to anything else.

Automatic relations

And finally, zumida discoveres relations between contents of the same mindmap and different mindmaps automatically. Consequently, you can jump easily to previous places, where you have thought about the same topic possibly in a different context and from a different angle. For example, you might have added google in a mindmap about software companies and later you might have added google in the context of email providers.

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